The festive season is just around the corner, and a fresh New Year is calling, where are you going to spend your time when those famous chimes hit midnight?

Many people choose to stay at home, but just as many decide to head off and experience the turning of a new chapter in a different destination. If you’re wondering which Australian city to head to next, and you don’t want to do the Sydney fireworks, perhaps because you’ve done them a few times before, how about visiting Perth instead?

Perth is a beautiful city, surrounded by countryside, mountains, and the Indian Ocean to its west, giving it a laid-back yet vibrant feel, ideal for your New Year celebrations.

Getting around Perth is not difficult either, thanks to its compact nature and an easy to use public transport system. If you want to go one further and give your New Year celebrations a little more glamour, how about hiring a limo to pick you up from the airport and drive you to your hotel? This is a surprisingly cost effective way to see the city, and probably receive a few admiring glances at the same time!

The nightlife in Perth is lively and vibrant, yet never raucous or ‘too much’, it really depends on what you want, because you will certainly find it in some part of the city. Fremantle is known for its entertainment options, but the city centre itself is packed with places to go. New Year is always busy, so it’s a good idea to check out where you want to go on the big night itself ahead of time, as you may find you need to make a reservation, or pay on the door.

If you want to spend your New Year in a more chilled out fashion, why not head to the beach? Perth is a short distance from the coastline, lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, and Rottnest Island isn’t too far away either – this could be the ideal destination to spend your New Year’s Day perhaps.

Wherever you choose to go in this beautiful and chilled out city, it is certainly safe to say that Perth is unfairly overlooked in terms of popularity. Many people choose to go to the big hitters instead, simply because they are close enough to each other, and they are more well-known, including Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, etc. Perth might be in Western Australia, making it a little more remote, but that is also what adds to its charm.

Australia’s fourth largest city is definitely a place to put on your wish list this New Year.

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