People always find it difficult to choose just one destination when they go on holiday, fearing that they might be making the wrong choice. That’s why road trips are such a great alternative to the traditional city break. The truth is, every city has a different culture, a different set of people and a different way of life, so visiting more than one in a single vacation will only open your eyes more to how diverse a country you’re in.

Nowhere is this truer than in Italy; with everything from snow-capped mountains to sunny beaches, most preferences are catered for, and if food is your passion, you’ll find something in common with every local. If you’re thinking about taking a road trip to this beautiful country, here are just a couple of the major cities you should try to work into your time there.

Start off in Naples

Naples is a real draw for foodies, and in particular pizza-lovers. Pizza was invented right here in the city, and since the 19th century, the locals have turned pizza-making into an art form. If you want a taste of a truly authentic pizza, then head for Via dei Tribunali for some of the best specialist restaurants of anywhere in the country, and why not take a cookery course while you’re there?

It’s not all about the food though; if you fancy indulging in a little culture and history while in Naples, then you’re right next to where Pompeii used to be. Take a walk around the ancient city, and aside from being stunned at how well preserved it is, you’ll find it looks rather bare. That’s because all of its treasures have been moved to the much safer walls of the National Archaeological Museum in Naples. Top off your stay here by taking a hike up Mount Vesuvius for truly breath-taking views.

All roads lead to Rome

This is such an obvious city that you need to visit that I could talk for hours about it, but I’ll try to be brief and just give you the main reasons. Around every corner there’s another towering monument, another statue to the gods, another ruined, ancient temple. The main attractions in the heart of the city would be the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and the Colosseum, and thankfully you’ll find that your entry ticket will get you into all three of these.

As you walk in the footsteps of the ancients around Rome’s cobbled streets, you’ll also find plenty of modern things to attract you though, such as trendy bars and restaurants, gelato parlours everywhere you go, and plenty of designer shops for the fashionistas in your party. Don’t forget to have an enchanting evening of opera while you’re here though – you can grab a picnic and head for the open-air auditorium, but buy your tickets in advance from as these spots fill up fast!

Have you been on an Italian road trip? Tell me where you went in the comments below.

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