Whenever you travel anywhere, be it for one day or two weeks, you need luggage which is going to suit your needs. Of course, this means you have to find a product that suits your needs, and that isn’t always easy.

If you’re trying to cut costs, the best way is to avoid booking a large suitcase and to instead go for a carry on option. If you’re heading off on holiday for a longer time, this might not be possible, but cutting down the amount of luggage you take is possible if you are ruthless! For example, layers are always a good way to go, and wearing your heaviest items to travel is another tip. Roll, don’t fold, and buy your toiletries at the airport – it’s perfectly do-able! You should also pick an airline which gives you more in the way of luggage allowance, e.g. 10kg or unlimited depending on the size of your bag.

These are all ways to save cash.

Now, if you’re going down the carry on route, finding the best carry on bag is the first port of call. Standard’s Carry-on Backpack is the perfect option because it offers you flexibility for your cash. This travel backpack can be used for a day expedition, or it can be expanded to a large 45L, to suit your requirements when travelling for longer.

If you’ve ever used this type of backpack before, you will know that compartments are everything, and this one has dividers, so you can keep your belongings separate; there is also a separate laptop compartment, which is ideal for easy access, and also to keep it safe and so other items in your items in your bag don’t fall onto it and potentially cause harm.

When carrying the bag, you can use the backpack straps, which are concealable and accessed by a zip, or you can use the carry handles – as you can see, this is a very flexible bag in terms of usage, and that is exactly what you need when you are trying to cut costs on your travel. The product is described as being 3 in 1 also, so backpack, suitcase, or travel bag, your needs are covered.

We mentioned earlier about being ruthless with what you take, and this is something which you will really develop as a skill over time. At first, you may be torn between leaving something behind and taking it with you, but you really have to ask yourself “do I really need this?”, “how often am I going to be using it?”, and if you find that you come up with a negative answer to that, well, it has to stay at home! You can always buy things you need on the go most of the time, and layers, as we mentioned, are a major go-to when trying to cut down on travel bulk.

In terms of technology, a laptop can be used for everything, e.g. watching films, surfing the Internet, work uses, music, storing photos etc, so this particular travel backpack is perfect for your needs, because the separate laptop compartment means your technology is safe and separate. Of course, you can take a tablet instead, and the compartment will work just as well for that.

You might be reading all of this and thinking that it’s just not possible to be that strict with what you take, but rest assured that it certainly is! Once you have done a travel trip in this way once, you will be a seasoned pro at what you do and don’t need. This all adds up to saved cash for you, and then you can travel much further, and for much longer too!

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