Are you looking for a true getaway? A break from the rat race, a chance to relax and forget all your cares and worries? Do you dream of switching off your phone, logging off social media, and going AWOL for a short time in total and utter paradise settings?

Most people dream of this from time to time, in fact probably all people! The good news is that this is a possibility that is much more possible than it has ever been. Lowered prices for travel, easier connections, more direct flights, and basically more opportunities than were ever possible in the past, has opened up the world to keen travellers who want to the chance to explore in peace and tranquillity. The world is of course packed with destinations, but Hawaii is certainly one of the most sought after.

You only have to do a little research into the images of the islands which make up the archipelago and you will be in love from the get go! Prices are lower, as we mentioned, and you can now rent one of the many Hawaii beachfront rentals without breaking the bank, and giving yourself that castaway break you’ve been dreaming of.

We mentioned that Hawaii is not one country on its own or an island in its own, or an island in its own right, but a series of islands within an archipelago, which makes up part of the USA. Hawaii is an American state, and for that reason you need to check out visa entry requirements for your particular country of origin, to avoid any problems when you arrive. For many people this will be about obtaining an online ESTA, which is a form of online visa and covers a large number of participating countries. Head online to find out if your country of origin is one of these, and if not, you will probably be required to apply for a more formal type of visa, which can be time consuming, so it is something you need to give thought to ahead of time. If you are eligible for an ESTA, and you have a criminal record, you may also find that you need to apply in a more formal manner, so do be aware of entry requirements before you make a booking.

Once your red tape is out of the way, you can look forward to your Hawaiian break without any cares or worries! Head online to check out activities and images to really feed your imagination and you’ll be counting down the days instantly!

The islands are all subtly different in their own right, and the two most popular are Oahu and the Big Island. The Big Island is called that because it literally is the largest in the chain, and it is home to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. This awe-inspiring sight is truly Mother Nature at her most angry and placid at the same time – it’s a total contradiction, but a wonderful one at that! The volcanoes are monitored very closely, so there are no worries about safety, and you should simply heed advice when you visit. Most of the volcanoes are considered extinct or dormant. A helicopter tour over the top of the park is one of the most iconic experiences you can have on the planet, let alone the island itself, and this is certainly something you should look into!

The Big Island is a much more natural type of vibe when compared to Oahu. Whilst there is plenty of tourism on the Big Island, you won’t find the neon lit nightlife or the huge surfing waves which Oahu is famous for. For that reason, if you want to kick back and relax and enjoy nature then the Big Island is probably for you.

Oahu on the other hand is a true tourism dream! Here you will find the iconic Waikiki Beach, as well as the state capital of Honolulu. If you’re dreaming of hula dancing, cocktails in coconut shells, grass skirts, flower chains, and surfing, this is for you! Oahu does have plentiful history too however, and you will be able to visit several museums and find out about Hawaiian lifestyle and history. Of course, Oahu is also home to Pearl Harbour, and this is a popular and sombre place to visit whilst you are on the island.

Whichever island you choose to base yourself on, there is the possibility to island hop over to the other choices, to find out what all the fuss is about! Not all of the islands are open to tourism or even inhabited, but the main choices are all subtly different and iconic in their own right. It really depends on what you want to do during your break as to which island to choose, but to narrow it down to its simplest forms, the Big Island is for those who want total relaxation, nature, and peace and quiet, and Oahu is for those who want fun and relaxation at the same time. Oahu is the busiest island, and it is the most inhabited, which tells you about the busier nature. Of course, just because you’re staying on Oahu, it doesn’t mean you can’t venture over the Big Island to check out those volcanoes; and likewise, if you’re staying on the Big Island and you want to check out the fun of Waikiki Beach, it’s easily accessible for a day or two!

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