Some countries are more expensive than others, this is just a simple fact of life, and whilst if you’re living in that particular country you will no doubt earn more as a wage to compensate for the higher cost of living, if you’re simply visiting it, whether that’s for a short period of time or a longer time, then it’s important to figure out a few ways to see the best of it without spending a small fortune.

You don’t have to avoid these particular countries, because visiting on a budget can be done, it’s simply a case of knowing the tricks of the trade and putting them into action at the right time.

Travel like a local

If the place you’re visiting has a touristic part to it, then basically the best bet is to avoid it. Restaurants on the main tourist streets are always going to be higher in price than those found away from the main drag. Talk to local residents, perhaps the local shopkeeper or someone who works in your hotel, and find out where they go for their evening meal when they eat out, or where they buy their groceries, which market they use etc. You will find following this advice will not only means you get to eat out on the cheap, but you also get to experience a more authentic way of life, and sample traditional dishes, which is basically what travel is all about.

Look at where you’re staying

Would you consider staying in a hostel? Now, before you shake your head with vengeance, hostels are not like they used to be, and nowadays they’re basically just like budget hotels. If you’re out and about exploring somewhere then you’re not going to be in your accommodation much anyway, so why not stay somewhere a little more basic, and as a result, somewhere cheaper? Alternatively, look at couch surfing to give you somewhere cheap to rest your head.

Meet likeminded people

Sharing things and splitting costs half and half is a good way to keep costs low. Obviously you need to be careful who you trust, but if you do meet someone who is trustworthy and on the same travel journey as you, then consider splitting costs of accommodation, eating out, cooking etc.

Make use of public transport

Do a little research into the bus and rail network before you go if you’re a little nervous about using it, but generally this is the cheapest way to get out and about, and again, you get a more authentic experience as a result.

Download coupon apps

Most large countries have a coupon app of some sort, so download it the moment you arrive and make use of any money off deals for restaurants, attractions, and experiences.

Research free activities

Most cities have free museums and attractions, walking tours, or other things you can get involved in for zero, or at least very little, cost. Again, it’s down to research, but enjoying museums and galleries can give you a true overview of the place you’re visiting and the history attached to it.

Traveling cheaply within a place, and experiencing it for all it is can be done, and you don’t have to miss out in order to keep your price tag of a place low.

Photo Credit: Armando G Alonso

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