Travel is never as simple as just jetting off somewhere exotic and enjoying every second; of course, that’s the aim, but there are also a lot of other areas to take into account.

Do you enjoy packing? Not many people do, but it is a necessity if you want to leave the house with any of your belongings! Finding a high quality bag for a good price is something which needs to include research, time and effort, but when you find the right type of travel bag to fit your needs, your travel life becomes infinitely easier!

Of course, shopping around is imperative, but there are a few questions you need to ask yourself, in order to narrow it all down.

First up, how long as you going away for? If you’re only going for a short time then you will need a lightweight bag, perhaps a duffel bag that you can use as carry on only. If however you’re venturing away for longer, you’ll need something larger and easier to carry, such as a rolling bag or case. Ask yourself about the duration, to give you a real head start into choosing your bag.

Next up, how are you getting to your destination? Do you have several flights to travel on, or are you using trains or buses? If you’re having to manoeuvre around different types of transport, or you have lay overs, then a rolling piece of luggage is a must have, to save your arms and back when carrying. You also need to make sure that the bag will fit into overhead compartments on buses or trains, so size is important here.

What exactly is the type of break you’re going on? Are you going to be staying in a hotel, or are you going to be backpacking? If you’re on the move, e.g. backpacking, then lightweight luggage is for you. If you’re not moving around, this is not the most important facet of your choice.

The other important thing to mention is reviews. When shopping around, always read reviews to find out real and honest accounts of the quality of the bag you’re looking at. Price isn’t everything, and it’s important to have high quality over everything else. Having said that, making sure that you find the best bag for the lowest price is also something you should certainly be putting high on your priority list.


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