Broadway is famous the world over. It’s basically impossible to head to New York and not see billboards dotted around advertising the huge named shows which are currently playing at one of the theatres in the Theater District. Of course, you might be tempted to head off and see one for yourself, and in that case, go!

A Broadway show is certainly an experience to behold, full of drama, tears, laughs, stars, and basically a fantastic night (or afternoon) out. There are also many restaurants and bars around the region, which makes this one of Manhattan’s premier spots for entertainment.

When you decide you want to go and see and show, and you decide upon which on you’re going for, the next task is to find tickets. Avoid those ticket touts like the absolute plague, they are just going to leave you totally empty handed, and very empty of pocket too. Instead, head to the theatre Box Office, or head online to Broadway Show Tickets, to find the best deals on original and 100% official tickets.

Checking out which shows are on during the time you’re heading to the Big Apple is something you can do during the run up to your break, something to get you even more excited perhaps! The list is really quite long, and you’ll see some of the world’s most famous productions mentioned, including Cats, Chicago, Wicked, and Phantom of the Opera. One show which is relatively new compared to those old-school choices, and one which is making serious waves since it began in 2011, is The Book of Mormon.

This is a satire kind of show, one which will leave you laughing and thinking a little deeply about the content too. This award-winning production follows the story of its main characters, Nabulungi, Mafala Hatimbi, and Arnold Cunningham, poking a little comical fun at religion and the Church of Jesus Christ. This is in by no means offensive, it is actually very well acted and very superbly put across by the actors and the writers. This is basically a show which lightens the mood, makes you really think, and also gives you a fantastic night out for you and whoever you choose to visit with, complete with plenty of music and songs too.

Of course, the list goes on, and you don’t have to see one of the shows we’ve mentioned, there are plenty more besides. Children are also catered for, with many child-friendly shows on offer too, such as Aladdin or the Lion King.

Put simply, Broadway is an experience for all.

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