When you visit Las Vegas it’s almost like being in a totally different world; you are in the middle of the desert, a place where nobody should really thrive, yet you are surrounded by millions of neon lights, countless people, fun, frolics, and basically one of the busiest cities in the USA! It’s a strange kind of feeling, but it’s one that keeps visitors heading back year after year.

There are so many things to do in Las Vegas that it’s easy to get swept away and end up not doing anything constructive, because you’re so overwhelmed by everything you’re experiencing. One thing you should definitely make a huge effort to fit into your time in the desert is a Vegas show.

There are countless on offer, but one which is certainly making waves, and has been for many years, is Le Reve. To find official tickets for this magical show, head to The Wynn Hotel Box Office, and enquire in person, or head online and shop around for deals on reputable websites, such as Best of Vegas. Avoid those ticket touts which wait around outside the hotel and along the Strip; these tickets are certainly not official, and will only end up costing you cash for nothing.

Le Reve has won the award of Best Production for several years in a row, which should certainly tell you about its quality, but you have to see it in person to really believe what is going on. This show really does transport you to somewhere else entirely, another planet, another world, another galaxy, and you won’t believe your eyes at the series of stunts and acrobatics, amazing costumes, and basically a production which will leave you slack jawed.

This is a show which is mysterious with a capital M, and is a twist on the Cirque du Soleil theme. You will of course find countless shows by Cirque du Soleil on the Strip, but maybe you want something different, and in that case Le Reve is the hottest ticket in town.

No matter what you want to see in Vegas, you’re not going to struggle to find something which suits your needs and interests. If you want music, you’re more than covered; comedy? Sorted. Do you love ventriloquists? Lots of those around. Magicians? Certainly plenty of those too. Vegas show girls? In abundance.

There really isn’t anything that this dream-like world doesn’t have!

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