Besides being the capital city of Thailand, Bangkok sets itself apart from other cities in the country and the region with a couple of other unique characteristics. Whether you are a foreigner on official duty or you came to Thailand on a holiday, most likely you will find yourself in this city. It’s known well for numerous attractions within and in the outlying areas, and in this article we will focus on those top highlights that when missed mean missing out on Bangkok’s finest! First of all, though, take care of the finances and take advantage of Discountrue coupons to Kohl’s and other stores that will help you get luggage on a budget or buy an airplane ticket in an affordable price. And now let’s take a look at the must-see spots in Bangkok:

The Grand Palace

The stunning architectural plan defines the spectacular collection of buildings in this Palace. It sits on the banks of River Chao Phraya covering over 1.5 square kilometers. The Temple of the Emerald Buddha is one of the greatest buildings one can catch a glimpse and it houses an extremely esteemed statue of Buddha you simply cannot miss when visiting this special place!

Vimanmek Castle

This magnificent mansion is situated in the Dusit Palace behind the former National Assembly House. It is a top attraction because of its outstanding style, royalty and uniqueness in the whole world. It is the biggest existing building built with golden hard and brown wood of teak trees. The three-floor building was initially a summer house, it was then used as a royal residence and now a private museum of King Rama V but some features of the building have been maintained in their initial state.

Siam Ocean World

If you are in the company of young ones, the place they must visit while in Bangkok is certainly the Siam Ocean World. They will love the marine museum for sure as they have over 30,000 species of aquatic creatures that will thrill you and your family in the best underwater escapade! The daily feeding shows of the sharks, for instance, will cap it all. In order to have these experiences remain etched in your memory you can get some the aquatic relics at the Shark Shop. If you’re interested in marine life you may also want to visit The Seashell Museum located opposite Lerdsin Hospital.. There are more than 3,000 specimens and 600 species of seashells from across the world!

Chatuchak Weekend Market

You shouldn’t go to Bangkok and fail to do some shopping – Chatuchak Weekend Market is the best place for that! Hundreds of thousands of people swarm this market on weekends looking to purchase the best products, so if you want the best this is a place for you. You will find virtually everything here, including souvenirs from every part of Thailand. However, the place might seem vast and confusing to you so you might want to grab a map or shop with a local agent who knows the place very well.

Samphran Elephant and Zoo

This is a popular destination for kids as well as adults. It has a fascinating elephant theme so you can see a plethora of interesting performances such as traditional battles on elephant backs or dancing, which are some of the most memorable scenes. What’s more, the facility houses over 10,000 crocodiles so if you’ve been wanting to see a crocodile wrestling show this is the perfect place for you to visit and catch a glimpse of it!

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