If you need to wear glasses, then it’s quite likely that you want to purchase a pair that not only look great and do the right thing by your eyes and your optical needs, but you also want to save cash at the same time. These are all very common wants and needs, and shopping around can certainly yield great results. With that in mind however, what if you could purchase a pair of designer sunglasses, but help to save the planet at the same time?

Yes, it’s entirely possible!

Vision Direct are working in conjunction with the Eden Deforestation Projects in Haiti, Nepal, and Madagascar, meaning that every single time a pair of exclusive glasses in the Oh My Woodness range are purchased, a tree is planted in one of these countries.

The Buy One, Plant One campaign aims to help raise awareness of deforestation issues around the world, and also to help the public realise that they can do small acts to help in a big way over time. By helping to boost the environment, you are helping to make a massive impact, not only on the planet, but on the lives of the people who live in these countries.

All by buying a pair of top quality glasses!

If you’ve never bought glasses online before, it’s really easy, and a fantastic way to find a pair which suits you, without the added pressure of being in a High Street store, probably followed around by an over-eager sales assistant, and then going for a pair which you really weren’t sure of, simply because you wanted to get out of there! Buying online means you can peruse to your heart’s content, as slowly or quickly as you like; this all means that you’re much more likely to find a pair you really like, and therefore helping your eyes and vision overall.

The fact you’re saving the planet at the same time is another major bonus, and something which will up your karma points in a big way!

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