14477522164_b1ee4de05f_kYou might think that everything about the bustling Indonesian capital is about culture, haggling, and trying (and probably failing) to cross the road in the space of less than half an hour – well, you’d be wrong!

Ancol Bay City is a vibrant and hugely entertaining part of the city, located along the city’s glittering waterfront. Made an entertainment district back in 1966, Ancol is the city’s biggest dedicated area for tourism, and boasts countless fun entertainment options for everyone who visits, be it a family, sole traveller, group, or couple.

Before we get into what you can get up to when you visit Ancol, let’s get the logistics of your visit out of the way first.

Getting to Ancol is easy; from the city centre you can either drive, take the electric train, or jump on the TransJakarta Busway. If you want something a little more scenic, you can opt for the Gondola, which will take you along the Bay and show you some of the most beautiful sights as you go. Do bear in mind however that the Gondola only has 37 cars, so if you choose a busy day (and let’s face it, when isn’t Jakarta busy?), then you might be waiting a while.

Accommodation-wise, you’re not going to struggle when it comes to finding the best room to stay in. There are countless options, including the very comfortable Aston Marina Ancol, with beautiful views and a handy location to boot.

11599398546_35a5966f25_oWith your transport and accommodation sorted out, you can turn your attention to the entertainment options available to you. Fantasy World is a fantastic place to head for those travelling as a family, as it is a huge theme park which is divided into sections, or lands; Jakarta, Indonesia, America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and a land which encompasses Ancient Greece and Egypt. You will find shows, parades, gastronomy, and a large number of rides to fill your day – this is probably going to take a couple of days to do in its entirety, and a pair of comfortable shoes!

To cool down in the intense Jakarta heat, head to Atlantis Water Adventure, which, as the name suggests, is based on the underwater myth of Atlantis. Ocean Dream Samudra is another water-based day out, with animal shows and an aquarium to check out. If however you would prefer to immerse yourself and kick back and relax, the district has two beaches to choose from – Carnival Beach and Festival Beach – take your pick!


Back on dry land, shopping is the order of the day, and that means heading to Pasar Seni. This market began over 25 years ago and boasts a huge number of stalls selling local goods and handicrafts, perfect for those souvenirs to take home. If you love golf however, check out Executive Golf Fun, which is basically what it says on the tin.

Finally we have Ancol Beach City. This is a new complex which has opened in Ancol, and when completed will boast a huge concert hall, restaurants, shops, and a Madame Tussauds museum too.

Thought Jakarta was all about culture and hustle and bustle? Think again!

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