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Hi. I’m Auran. And this is a travel blog. A hipster travel blog, if you will. I grew up as a third culture kid with American/German parents but living in various countries around the world in my youth including Germany, The US, The Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Japan and Qatar. Having a somewhat unconventional childhood, no wonder I felt compelled to choose the path less explored in life. Travel is natural to me, as is living abroad so naturally I have had to carve a career out of the online space that would let me pursue the life nomadic. I’m work online but I’m sort of a jack of all trades. Making ends met through a bit of day trading, selling photography and writing for a few freelance clients. My current home is where my heart is – Cambodia. I absolutely fell in love with this place. There is magic in the air. You can practically smell it. The people are so friendly, it’s economical and there is plenty to explore. Phnom Penh isn’t where most digital nomads choose to settle. Normally they go for something easy and more westernised like Chiang Mai or Bali. I’m comfortable being a bit uncomfortable. Maybe that’s due to my upbringing or maybe I just don’t give a f$%^. In any case, I hope you stick around and enjoy my blog, get to know me and let me inspire you to explore the world.




Getting a Tattoo in Cambodia Pool time in Cambodia with THE hat


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